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Latte Triple Bundles

Latte Triple Bundles

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Why is Lyger Coffee the best coffee you’ll ever have?

Handpicked Highest-Quality Beans from Colombia

Our Arabica beans are hand-picked from sustainable farms in Colombia in which they are pulped, dried, and milled.

Gentle Roasting by Professional Baristas

Lyger Coffee beans are evenly roasted for a uniform coffee flavour with less bitterness and strong aromatic profiles. The result is coffee beans that are distinctly delicious and the basis for our revolutionary coffee.

Brewed under Perfect Conditions

After extracting the flavour from Arabica beans under optimal brewing conditions, our coffees undergo a unique freeze-drying process that pursues seamlessness, taste, and aroma. This process retains more flavour and produces better and bolder coffee in perfect barista quality. Every sip is unbelievably smooth.


Prepare Lyger Coffee in just ten seconds according to your taste!


Choose your Preferred Lyger Coffee Flavour

Choose between four delicious flavours: Americano, Latte, Decaf, or Cold Brew


Choose your Preferred Base Liquid - hot or cold!

Select your preferred base liquid - water, milk, oat milk, coconut milk, soy milk, etc. There are really no limits what you can mix Lyger Coffee with - it will always taste amazing. Use a hot base for your morning wake up cup or go for cold, if it’s a hot summer day.


Mix and Enjoy - without any equipment!

Pour the content of your Lyger mini-cup into your base liquid and give it a good ten second stir - no need for any machine or equipment. You’re all good to go. ENJOY!


➊ Americano: 12 mini-cups (sold out)
➋ Latte: 12 mini-cups

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