Why Lyger Coffee?

Our coffee revolution

We’re passionate about coffee and we’re passionate about doing things differently. Making crystallized coffee led us to a discovery of an experience that’s unlike any other.  Our freeze-drying process brings out the best in our coffee beans; clear-cut flavours and aromas.

Our commitment to craft

Our commitment to creating the best cup of coffee is what stimulates our craft from bean to brew. We’ve come together with top notch local coffee farmers in Colombia to grow, select, roast, and reveal the full potential of Arabica coffee beans.

Our uncompromising process

We believe that convenience shouldn’t have to come at a price. We’ve culminated our passion for coffee, the agricultural skills of our coffee farmers, and our inventive minds to give you coffee that’s beyond compare. We’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that every sip takes you right to the breathtaking coffee plantations home in Colombia.