Product FAQs

What does crystallized coffee mean?

In making coffee, quality is our primary ingredient. Our coffee beans lie on the mountain ranges of Colombia; a country known for its perfect coffee growing conditions. Our local farmers pour their talents and passion into cultivating our coffee cherries to create the finest Arabica beans. Our Arabica beans are hand-picked from sustainable farms in Colombia in which they are pulped, dried, milled, and roasted.

The cherries are then handpicked to harvest only the ripest. After the harvest, they are processed and milled to prepare them for roasting. During this process, our expert Colombian farmers make sure that only the best beans end up being used to create the amazing final product.

The selected coffee beans are then transported to our manufacturing facilities where they are roasted and ground. Delivering the right level of boldness and strength, we make sure our coffee beans are gauged and tasted at every step of the process; our team of coffee masters always stay on top of their craft.

Using our ground beans, Lyger Coffee is brewed under perfect conditions . Our coffee then goes through an innovative process of freeze-drying, a method that preserves our unequaled flavours and aroma. This is where crystallization takes place (from a technical standpoint, the shiny little crystals are solidified elements of the healthy fats contained in coffee beans).

The meticulousness, the dedication, and the love that goes into making our coffee are all poured into a mini-cup. Bringing the perfect blend of smooth flavours, aromatic profiles, and convenience to our customers is what makes it all worthwhile.


What is the caffeine content of Lyger Coffee?

Our Americano contains approximately 25mg of caffeine per mini-cup while the Latte contains about 50mg per mini-cup.


Where are your coffee beans sourced from?

Our coffee beans come from Colombia. Known for its perfect coffee growing climate, Colombian coffee beans grow more slowly and have more time to develop complex sugars for a bigger and bolder flavour.


Is Lyger Coffee gluten-free?

Yes, our coffee beans are 100% gluten free.


How long can we use the crystallized coffee after opening the mini-cups?

Our crystallized coffee is consumable for as long as it is kept at room temperature and not in a humid environment.  As one mini-cup is designed for 1 serving of coffee, we advise consuming it immediately for the best results.


Are Lyger mini-cups recyclable?

Yes, part of our sustainability promise, we are sending our customers a special gift for every 50 empty mini-cups they return to us. You can refer to our recycling program for more details.


Where do you manufacture your coffee?

Our Lyger crystallized coffee is manufactured in the United Kingdom while our coffee beans come from Colombia.


How long does shipping take?

Shipping for all of our items takes approximately 7 to 10 business days.

Note: Due to the restrictions and regulations for COVID-19, the delivery may take a little longer than expected. In these uncertain times, unexpected delays can occur that we have no control over. We do our utmost best to deliver orders as quickly as possible. We apologize if this affects your order.

Join us in recycling your mini-cups

Nature is at the heart of what makes a great cup of coffee, so it’s only right that we go the extra mile to foster it. We want a sustainable approach to everything we do— even after our customers have reveled in their cups of coffee. That’s why we created a recycling program; a special gift for you when you return 50 Lyger mini-cups for us to recycle.

Return Your Mini Cups