Making Your Mornings Easier

Lyger Coffee takes away the hassle of grinding & brewing providing you with flavourful, barista-level coffee in mini cups. We here at Lyger make coffee-making easier for everyone - anywhere they are, any time they want.

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  • Full-bodied flavour

    Made of 100% Arabica beans that have been freeze-dried to preserve the natural taste and aroma so that you can have great coffee every time.

  • Convenience in a cup

    Your premium go-to coffee that is easy to prepare and enjoy whenever you want, and wherever you are.

  • Sourced sustainably

    Sourced directly from small farms in Colombia to keep the highest levels of transparency when it comes to cultivation, production, and distribution.

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Our coffee revolution

We’re passionate about coffee, and we’re passionate about doing things differently. Making crystallized coffee led us to discover an experience that’s unlike any other. Our freeze-drying process brings out the best in our coffee beans, clear cut flavours, and aromas.

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What is crystallized coffee?

We make crystallized coffee in several steps to ensure an optimal outcome. Using only the ripest beans in the mountains of Colombia, the beans undergo processing and milling. They are then roasted to perfection, balancing the right level of boldness and strength. Using the finished beans, the coffee is then brewed under perfect conditions. Finally, our coffee goes through an innovative freeze-drying process, a method that preserves our unequalled flavours and aroma. This is where crystallization takes place.

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