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Delicious and healthy coffee in seconds

Experience coffee like never before with Lyger Coffee. Say goodbye to the hassle of grinding and brewing, and indulge in the convenience of our flavor-packed, barista-level coffee in mini cups.

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The modern way of coffee making

Full-bodied Flavour

Made of 100% Arabica beans that has been freeze-dried to preserve the natural tase and aroma so that you can have great coffee every time.

Convenience in a cup

Your premium go-to coffee that is easy to prepare and enjoy whenever you want, and wherever you are.

Sourced sustainably

Sourced directly from small farms in Colombia to keep the highest levels of transparency when it comes to cultivation, production, and distribution.

Bundle & Save

Choose a TRIPLE Bundle: Get 3 boxes for the price of 2 

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Return your Mini Cups to help the environment

Save at least 50 Lyger Mini Cups, send them back to us, and receive A GIFT.