• " As a former barista, I can’t help but miss making coffee every day. Even if I can make one using several methods, sometimes I just don’t have the luxury of time. With Lyger, I saved time without compromising the quality of my coffee. It’s made with real Arabica beans that can truly keep me up the whole day. I’m amazed that Lyger can easily dissolve in hot and cold liquid in just a few seconds. "

    Princess Villegas

    Specialty Coffee Expert / Former Starbucks Barista

  • " As a barista, being familiar and immersed with various types and flavours of coffee is part of the job. From a barista's point of view, Lyger Coffee has found a perfect balance of flavour, aroma, and consistency. I highly recommend you try it out! "

    Anthony "Tobi" Tobias

    Specialty Coffee Expert / Barista

  • " I like Lyger Coffee's versatility! I can conveniently add this premium crystallized coffee to any of my vegetarian recipes - fruit smoothies, protein shakes, baked goodies, desserts and many more. I can easily get my much-needed caffeine kick any time of the day while also enjoying my favorite dishes! "

    Carissa Pureza-Javier

    Lifestyle Influencer / Sustainability & Vegan Lifestyle Advocate

  • " Lyger is now my go-to coffee. With Lyger, I get excellent quality and great-tasting coffee with the convenience of just having to add it to water or milk. Since it's crystalized and dissolves in cold liquid, too, I'm able to have iced coffee on hot days without diluting it. It's also convenient for my on-the-go lifestyle; I can make a coffee anytime, anywhere with Lyger. "

    Alexandra Camus

    Runway Model and Host

  • " I swear, it gives me the feeling of just wanting to have coffee even more! Its taste is just SO RICH, and the flavour lingers! I love that it doesn't give off a bad coffee breath after drinking it, and it doesn't lose its rich flavour and aroma even when diluted with milk, water, and other additives. ✨ Personally vouching for the goodness of Lyger!! "

    Rani Almoneda

    Influencer / Dentist by Profession

  • " As a Creative Director, Illustrator, and Content Creator, it takes a lot of energy to brew my coffee every day. So thankful that I have Lyger Coffee! It's effortless to prepare and tastes great, and it is undoubtedly a good quality coffee. "

    Dana Calvo

    Creative Director / Lifestyle Influencer