Our Philosophy

Focusing on our goal to provide better blends, bolder flavors, and a unique experience with our premium crystallized coffee, we have created Lyger Coffee around five pillars:

Revolutionary crystalized coffee in barista quality

After extracting the flavor from Arabica beans under perfect brewing conditions, our coffees undergo a unique freezing process that pursues seamlessness, taste, and aroma. This process retains more flavor and produces better, bolder coffee in perfect barista quality.

Sourced sustainably

Our Lyger Coffee does not only come in environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging, but we are proud to say that it is also grown sustainably. We help preserve nature and provide better livelihoods to the people who grow and cultivate it. Your daily coffee consumption contributes to a better environment and society.

Our Sustainability Promise

Made with only the finest Arabica beans

Our Arabica beans are hand-picked from sustainable farms in Colombia in which they are pulped, dried, and milled.

They are evenly roasted for a uniform coffee flavour with less bitterness and strong aromatic profiles. The result is coffee that’s distinctly delicious; every sip is unbelievably smooth and bold.

Dissolves in hot and cold water within seconds

Whether you’re up for some iced or hot coffee, our premium crystallized coffee is the perfect answer either way. It instantly dissolves in cold or hot water or any other liquid of your choice (e.g., plant-based milk). Convenience at your fingertips!

More than coffee - It’s the Lyger lifestyle!

Combining the two strongest felines from the animal world - lions and tigers - Lyger coffee brings a unique coffee experience to you. Aside from perfection in coffee quality, we at Lyger Coffee also strive for perfection in sustainability, convenience, and design. We are certain that Lyger Coffee will become the daily companion you never knew you were missing - easy to bring along and always worth an Instagram shot with its unique design.