What is crystallized coffee?

We make crystallized coffee in several steps to ensure an optimal outcome. Using only the ripest beans in the mountains of Colombia, the beans undergo processing and milling. They are then roasted to perfection, balancing the right level of boldness and strength. Using the finished beans, the coffee is then brewed under perfect conditions. Finally, our coffee goes through an innovative freeze-drying process, a method that preserves our unequalled flavours and aroma. This is where crystallization takes place.

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My new favorite coffee

I really love Lyger Coffee.

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Black tea

I love the taste.

Good cup

Its really good. Love the taste of coffee, its veru different from what I'm used to.


I love it... but i guess i placed a lot of water on my mix because it taste off at first... then tried a little water and it became better... they mixed with coconut milk on it, and i feel that it's too oily tasting.. but all in all, it is a good buy still 😉

Its good coffee

Not regular coffee, more than a coffee experience

Life so easy

High quality taste for minimum effort. My favorite part is the coffee melts in cold water/milk! And it tastes like freshly ground and brewed coffee

Greatest coffeee

I have ordered Lyger coffee for years and it is always the best. Aside from the coffee, customer service is also impressive.

Best instant coffee I’ve had so far!

Can’t get enough of these coffee! I love how it’s strong but won’t trigger acid reflux. It’s smooth and perfect with fresh milk or creamer. Can’t wait to try the other variants!

Latte Triple Bundles
Roselie Tutor
My new favorite coffee

i really love it. It is so addictive. Will order again soonest.

2nd purchase and still being wowed

Just loving the americano blend. 2nd purchase already and still I am pleased every time I drink it.

First Time Lyger Coffee Drinker

First time to try these Lyger mini-cups mixed flavours triple bundles and it’s so cool! Accessible and taste is premium coffee blend 👍 Hope to order more next time with this Save Time Save Money Lyger coffee! 🥰

Americano Triple Bundles
Babette Fernando
Americano Triple Bundles

Perfect coffee whether hot or cold. I adore Lyger!!!

A must-have

Bulletproof coffee definitively keep me going during my long working hours. Helps me curb down my hunger pangs!

Just count 1..2..3!

As easy as that, you can just grab the sachet and make a cup of coffee instantly. No more waiting. The best part…it’s sooo good!

Lyger Double Wall Glass
Nannette Magno

The Product is great . But difficulty in ordering. I hope we can just order thru your FB messenger which fortunately they have been doing.

Love it!!!

I love this coffee! Legit brewed! Will order again!!!

Excellent coffee

I love Latte and cold brew! No acid and the taste can be compared to the coffee shop quality.

About Lyger Coffee ❤️

Surprisingly!!! The coffee lover in me is so happy. This is my first time to try crystallized coffee— to my excitement, I tried all the flavors w/ and w/o milk and yes! tastes so good. I have to say, my top 2 are Americano and Latte. 🥰

Surprised How Good It Was

I’ve told my friends about it and a.m actually reordering right now, that’s how good it is 😊

Latte Triple Bundles
Mitzi Mamonong
great coffee to indulge

the coffee is great! I have tried it with skim milk and milo chocolate powder and its good, with a kick of chocolatey

I love Lyger!

It tastes really good! I love how after I drink a big mug of Lyger Americano (I add a little brown sugar to mine!), there's not a hint of my hyperacidity acting up, unlike when I take those instant 3-in-1 coffee that I used to consume. This is a much better choice!

Good 1st experience

So far, its been enjoyable drinking Lyger. No reflux triggered so far with the Latte variant. Taste has been good. Will try the Americano variant soon.