There has to bean easier way to make quick coffee at home

Meet the future of coffee where ultra-convenience meets regenerative sustainability.

  • Lyger Coffee

    ✔ 100% Arabica beans
    ✔ Freeze-dried to preserve taste and aroma
    ✔ Sourced Sustainably
    ✔ Barista Quality

    ✔ No Acid Reflux

  • Traditional Coffee

    ✘ 100% Arabica beans
    ✘ Freeze-dried to preserve taste and aroma
    ✘ Sourced Sustainably
    ✘ Barista Quality

    ✘ No Acid Reflux

Delicious Coffee in Literally Seconds

It's faster than instant, better tasting than gourmet, and easier than coffee pods

  • Fill your mug with hot or cold water.

  • Drop 1-2 tsp of Javy into the water or milk.

  • Add your favorite creamer, flavoring or topping.

How We Compare

The future of coffee is better tasting, hassle-free, and ready to make - anywhere and anytime.

It's not magic. But it feels that way.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Make The Switch To Lyger Today

1. Your life will be 20x easier.

Making a coffee shouldn't feel like a chore, and going to get coffee shouldn't be an inconvenience. Being able to make any coffee you want in literally seconds frees up your day significantly which gives you the time and energy to focus on what you enjoy the most.

2. Your bank account will thank you.

Coffee prices are at all-time highs, and the markups are even higher. Javy promises to always offer the most affordable prices ever without sacrificing quality.

3. You're helping rebuild the planet.

The coffee industry has been broken for too long, especially socially and environmentally. Lyger Coffee teamed up with the Raiz program to build a Regenerative Agriculture based company that is leading the way for a better future.

What customers say about us

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Based on 306 reviews

NEW! Mini-cups Pure Flavours Twin Bundles

Latte Triple Bundles
Eileen Zamora
It’s good. Strong bold taste

I particularly liked the Americano variant. So smooth and soothing.

Very good

Very nice

Bulletproof Coffee

I like the bulletproof coffee. No need to add milk. It has coconut smell.

NEW: Kick-start Your Day Bundle

Newbie but I think small and bit short on few flavors

I understand that you have to sell and part of that is pricing but I don't understand why flavors like decaf and cold brew are very few in their boxes. I personally don't understand latte flavor, tbf all tastes the same to me. The decaf is good and when drank you can, say, have 12 hrs that you are still able to sleep. Overall, I think I'll just continue buying by then since I'm exploring and learning on my latte flavor and options 😌🌼

Cold Brew

I can compare the taste of cold brew to a super dark chocolate with 80+% of cacao. It leaves a sour and bitter taste. It has stronger flavor than the other four flavors.

Americano Triple Bundles
Chastine Dato-on

Love the coffee. It's the 3rd time I ordered and added the double walled glass on the latest purchase I made. ♥️

Latte Triple Bundles
Beverly Cortez
No to other coffee again!

Cheaper than barista coffee, but tastes like it!❤️

Classy Glass

I'm in love with Lyger's double wall glass!!! I have 2 of them now and would still love to add a few more to them. 😅

Lyger Double Wall Glass

I haven't tried it but the glass is very nice and it's thicker than the double wall glass i purchased from another source.

Thanks a lot Lyger for this awesome item.

Lyger Life

Great companion for my bulletproof classic and black tea!!!

Latte Triple Bundles

Latte Triple Bundles for the win!

Why repurchased again?

If you want a quick easy to prepare coffee e even if the pods past 2 weeks, was fresh tasting, aroma and taste was great. What not to like it and the bundle price makes it a great buy.

Lyger Double Wall Glass

I loved the this glass. Now I use it everyday with my coffee routine. Plan to buy another Lyger Double Wall Glass.

NEW FLAVOURS! Mini-cup Taster Pack (Americano, Latte, Cold Brew or Decaf)

Start of something new

The coffee tastes great and easy to prepare! ❤️

I'm hooked!

Ever since I tried lyger's cup of crystallized coffee, I've been having it everyday. Before I used to have ground coffee and filter, but the crystallized coffee saves me a lot of time and money because now I don't have to order take out coffee cause I'm making delicious and aromatic cups at home. Thank you!

Latte Triple Bundles
Kathleen Chua

Latte Triple Bundles

Always Lyger Ready!

Love the taste of the new Bulletproof Series - must try!

NEW! Lyger Coffee Club: Create your bundle

My 4th order!

At the start, I just wanted to try it out since I'm fond of trying out different coffee (beans). Lyger's crystallized coffee was a new concept to me so I got curious. Can't believe have are subscription now with two batches in a month. The flavor is so good.

Great coffee

Super love Americano, Latte and Decaf variants. Coffee tastes great! Good day starter.

Loving the Lyger life

I am happy with my purchase and my subscription, Lyger has changed coffee time for me! it made it more special and enjoyable. Will surely continue with this! Thank you!

Lyger Double Wall Glass
Khriestle Bullozo

Lyger Double Wall Glass