There has to bean easier way to make quick coffee at home

Meet the future of coffee where ultra-convenience meets regenerative sustainability.

  • Lyger Coffee

    ✔ 100% Arabica beans
    ✔ Freeze-dried to preserve taste and aroma
    ✔ Sourced Sustainably
    ✔ Barista Quality

    ✔ No Acid Reflux

  • Traditional Coffee

    ✘ 100% Arabica beans
    ✘ Freeze-dried to preserve taste and aroma
    ✘ Sourced Sustainably
    ✘ Barista Quality

    ✘ No Acid Reflux

Delicious Coffee in Literally Seconds

It's faster than instant, better tasting than gourmet, and easier than coffee pods

  • Fill your mug with hot or cold water.

  • Drop 1-2 tsp of Javy into the water or milk.

  • Add your favorite creamer, flavoring or topping.

How We Compare

The future of coffee is better tasting, hassle-free, and ready to make - anywhere and anytime.

It's not magic. But it feels that way.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Make The Switch To Lyger Today

1. Your life will be 20x easier.

Making a coffee shouldn't feel like a chore, and going to get coffee shouldn't be an inconvenience. Being able to make any coffee you want in literally seconds frees up your day significantly which gives you the time and energy to focus on what you enjoy the most.

2. Your bank account will thank you.

Coffee prices are at all-time highs, and the markups are even higher. Javy promises to always offer the most affordable prices ever without sacrificing quality.

3. You're helping rebuild the planet.

The coffee industry has been broken for too long, especially socially and environmentally. Lyger Coffee teamed up with the Raiz program to build a Regenerative Agriculture based company that is leading the way for a better future.

What customers say about us

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Mini Cup Starter Kit

Mini Cup Starter Kit
Fernando Mendoza
Starter Kit

Great package when you're on the go!

Lyger Double Wall Glass
Lyger double wall glass review

Fits the right amount of coffee. I can hold it even when it is hot. And I love the logo design put at the bottom of the glass.

Americano Triple Bundles


The mini cups are cute and the coffee inside is to die for and coming from a choosy coffee drinker, its saying a lot. Keep up and thanks!

Lyger Double Wall Glass
Jayjay Gatmaitan

Good quality glass; looks good; a perfect small cup of coffee for a perk me up shot of caffeine

Travel ready crystalized brewed coffee

My go to coffee for travels

NEW! Bulletproof Black Tea Triple Bundles

NEW! Lyger Coffee Club: Create your bundle

Love the Latte

My boys love the latte, i love the cold brew.

Best Coffee Ever!

Better than other coffee and very unique pacakaging.

Lyger Double Wall Glass
Kristine Tronco
Love It

First of all, I want to thank Customer Service for sending me the Lyger Double Wall Glass. Got a pair of it and even though it doesn't have any handle, you can always use it for hot coffee without getting hurt because it is hot. The logo at the bottom also looks good and coffee doesn't easily get cold. Thank you!

NEW! Bulletproof Coffee Triple Bundles

I love the taste. will change my herbal coffee to this

Mixed Flavours Triple Bundles
Cecile Aileen Pahilan
Mini-cups Mixed Flavours Triple Bundles

love it

Decaf/Cold Brew/Latte

These trio is superb and not too strong as I always wanted my coffee to be☕️❤️❤️❤️

Very Satisfied

Gonna shift my morning coffee ritual with this brand…

Mini Cup Starter Kit
Chai Mercder
delivery ba ka mo??

fast delivery ordered a week ago then poof! items arrived well packed with bubble warp! amazing..

NEW! Bulletproof Mixed Flavours Triple Bundles

Always a fan

There has been a hiccup with my order so I was asked if I prefer to have a refund or just another batch to be sent, and guess what?! It will always be the coffee for me!! Haha no amount of hiccup can make me stop my Luger hoarding 😅

Latte Triple Bundles
Cecil Cantoria
New coffee experience

Lyger coffee keeps on popping out on my FB page. Since I'm a coffee lover I told myself why not give it a try and it's all worth a try. I love its aroma and taste is so light and smooth to drink. I finally found my new breakfast buddy not just at home specially at work. A better way to start my day.

Latte Triple Bundles
Christine Anne Ramirez

Love it..

Great Coffee!

Very satisfying experience in every cup!

Best tasting coffee

We love your Latte!!!! The taste and aroma is so good. Has the best packaging and after sales service.

Love it!

Ordering more and trying other variants 💖

Great quality less expensive

The coffee is great, less acidic, good price and easy to prepare.