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What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality

There's something about coffee that just brings people together. Whether you're grabbing a quick cup on the go or taking your time to relax in a coffee shop, this drink is always a popular choice. But what your coffee order says about you might surprise you! In this blog post, we'll look at the different personality types that can be revealed by your coffee order. 

So sit back and enjoy - and don't be surprised if you find out that your current coffee order is giving away more about you than you thought!

Black coffee

If you're a black coffee drinker, your personality will likely be grounded, balanced and practical. You probably don't like milk in your coffee and are not a fan of sweeteners. You are most likely someone who doesn't need the extra sugar in your life! This type of person is also not one for cream either. They like to keep things simple in life, and that includes their drinking habits as well!

An extra shot of espresso

If you order an extra shot of espresso, you're probably someone who needs that extra bit of energy boost to carry them through the day. They're energetic, passionate and ambitious. They're also likely to be open-minded, creative risk-takers. So, if you want to get along with them, it might be wise to lower your expectations of how much work they should do for your team!

Choco mocha

You love dessert, but you're also sensitive to your fellow coffee drinkers. You know that some people prefer almond milk or soy, and you've got their back. The fact that a double choc mocha is your favourite drink shows that you love indulging in the sweetest things life offers while also being aware of what other people need. A true romantic at heart, this drinker enjoys planning surprise dates and surprising others with thoughtful gestures as often as possible.

Flat whites

A flat white is a coffee drink with a subtle sweetness and a creamy texture that can't be replicated by other coffee concoctions. If you like your coffee like this, chances are you're an artistic, romantic person. You have an appreciation for beauty and the finer things in life—but simultaneously, you're sensitive to others' feelings.


If you're the person who orders an Americano, chances are you like to be in control. You're a perfectionist and maybe even a bit of an extrovert. You take big risks and lead the way in your coffee shop of choice. You can also be described as ambitious and serious about coffee, which makes sense considering how often someone has told you that espresso is more concentrated than drip coffee.


Latte lovers are usually social butterflies who enjoy meeting new people over a steaming cup of joe with friends or colleagues. They're also very romantic—they love sharing this drink with someone special in their lives (that's you!). And last but not least, latte drinkers tend to be foodies because they love trying new things; if you order this beverage from your favourite café around town, chances are good that there will be something extraordinary besides just plain old coffee.


Cold-brew is the coffee drink for someone who's a bit of a rebel. They're not afraid to break the rules and stand out from the crowd, even if it means getting judged by their peers. Cold-brew drinkers are confident, self-assured, and not afraid to take risks—which explains why they always seem to be having fun no matter where they are or what they're doing.

Iced coffee and Frappuccinos

If you're someone who orders iced coffee and Frappuccinos, we think it means that you're outgoing and adventurous. You enjoy meeting new people, especially when fun activities involve (like ice skating in Bryant Park). You're open to trying new things and not afraid to take risks. Your friends probably appreciate that you never bore them with the same old stories—you always have something exciting going on!


If you order a mocha, you're easygoing and relaxed. You like to make friends and have a good time. You enjoy being in the spotlight, which is why you often find yourself living up to your reputation as the party's life. You've got many friends who know they can always count on you for an exciting night out or even an evening at home watching movies. 


Cappuccino drinkers are people who like to be around other people. They enjoy the company and camaraderie of their peers, so they're more likely than not to be social people. If you see someone ordering a cappuccino, you can probably expect that they will have a few drinks with friends or colleagues after their coffee.

Green tea latte

Green tea latte drinkers are usually more reserved, quiet and introverted. They're more likely to be a homebody and prefer a quiet evening at home with a good book or movie.


All in all, we think that's a pretty good quality to have if you are particular —when it comes to coffee and beyond. Because, after all, there's nothing worse than settling for something when you know exactly what would make you happy, right? 

Here at Lyger Coffee, we are all for experiencing different types of coffee drinks. You can even try out our Latte or Americano flavour and give it a few twists. We’ve got tons of easy recipes that you can follow at home. Plus, it won’t require you to use fancy coffee-making tools. Check them out here!

A final note: if your favourite drink isn't on this list, don't fret; the world of coffee is vast and varied, so there are hundreds of other options to suit every taste. Even if we haven't mentioned your order here today, we hope this guide has provided insight into how personality type might influence someone's choice (and vice versa).

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