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Ways to Make Camp Coffee the Right Way

Camp coffee. Outdoor enthusiasts and campers all around the world rely on it for survival. While we are willing to give up a lot while camping, one thing we are not ready to give up is a good cup of coffee. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a decent brew in the wild.

We'll go over a few of the numerous ways to make coffee when camping in this post. By the time you've gone through our list, you'll be ready to make the best cup of camping coffee on your next expedition, even without your best coffee machine. 

1. Cowboy Coffee

This is by far the most straightforward coffee to prepare. That is if you enjoy grain in your coffee. The Cowboy Coffee is a straightforward beverage. Bring some water to a boil, add the coffee grains, and let settle for about 5 minutes before drinking. Everything, including the grains! Sugar, honey, milk, or creamer can be added to taste.

2. Coffee Press

It's also the most efficient method of getting your morning coffee dose. Brewing takes slightly more than 2 minutes (not including the time to boil water). It is straightforward and only requires a few seconds of your time. It's small and lightweight enough to fit into every camper's gear bag.

3. Pour-Over Coffee Bags

This is an excellent choice if you want something simple to pack and prepare coffee. They are also quite simple to use and are even biodegradable, which is fantastic for the environment. Simply bring water to a boil and pour it through the filter that attaches to the mug.

4. Tea Bag Coffee

Making tea bag coffee is simple. You can make your tea bag, buy a tea filter, or use a cheesecloth to make your own. To make your tea bag, take a coffee filter, fill it with coffee, and tie it with a string. Then knot another thread long enough to dip into and slide into your coffee mug without scorching your fingers. Finally, remove and prepare by adding any extras you may like in your coffee after.

5. Instant Coffee

This is a simple to make coffee that is also simple to transport. All you have to do is bring water to a boil and then add the desired amount of instant coffee. There are many instant coffee options available these days, so you can choose the one that suits you best. 

6. Percolator

Using a percolator is a terrific way to produce a large amount of coffee for many people while maintaining a high flavour quality. There are a variety of sizes available, ranging from 6 to 20 cups of coffee, the largest of which we have seen. When it comes to brewing coffee for a large group of campers, they are straightforward to use and time-efficient to operate.

7. Pour Over / Drip Coffee Maker

Instead of only the filter element of the coffee maker, the pour-over or drip coffee maker is a full-sized container. If you still aren't convinced, consider that it does not require the use of filters, can be packed down to nearly nothing, is simple to clean, and can be used with virtually any backpacking cup or mug.

8. Propane Coffee Maker

We haven't tried it but wanted to add it to the list. This method is not commonly used for weekend or short camping trips, but it is available if you desire it. The propane coffee maker uses a gas tank instead of electricity. We thought it was preferable for people who wanted to camp without electricity.

If you want to travel light and get rid of bringing your coffee making paraphernalia while drinking premium brewed coffee, you should try Lyger Coffee! 

Lyger Coffee takes away the hassle of grinding & brewing while giving you a flavourful, barista-level coffee in mini cups. Here at Lyger wants coffee-making easier for everyone - anywhere they are, any time they want.

Well, we hope that we have helped you find the best way for you to make coffee outdoors. What is your favourite way to make coffee during your camping or backpacking trips?

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