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The World's Four Most Common Types of Coffee Beans: Differences and Flavour Factors

If you're an avid coffee drinker, have you ever wondered how many different types of coffee beans there are and what makes them different? Here at Lyger Coffee, we've got the answers!

While there are many coffee types in the world, there are four main types of coffee beans: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. The most popular and common beans are Arabica and Robusta, and you might have tried them simultaneously without knowing, but you can get lucky and come across the other two. So keep scrolling to learn all about these coffee beans.

What are the factors affecting the taste and texture of the coffee?

There are many different varieties of coffee beans grown worldwide, and even before they're ready to be roasted and brewed, a variety of factors influence the flavour and texture. These factors include:

  1. Where the beans are grown
  2. Farming practices 
  3. Freshness of crop
  4. Processing method

What are the types of coffee beans?

A good cup of joe isn't just about how you brew it. It has a lot to do with what type of coffee beans were used.


1. Arabica Beans

Out of the four, Arabica coffee beans are the most popular coffee beans globally due to their sweet, mild taste and delightful aroma. In addition, it has a chocolaty and nutty flavour that many people have come to love. 

Arabica beans are regarded as the "original coffee bean" because they emanate from the first coffee trees cultivated in Ethiopia during the 9th century. Although it came from the Middle East, Arabica coffee is grown in many areas now, especially in Colombia. 

Arabica beans

The downside to Arabica beans is that they are more expensive to grow than other coffee beans. In addition, the Arabica bean is known to be selective about its growing conditions and is prone to disease, which is why it requires extra care and attention.


2. Robusta Beans

If you belong to a group of people who favour bitter and robust tasting coffee, then Robusta beans are the ones for you. Compared to Arabica beans, Robusta beans contain twice the amount of caffeine. So, if it's a caffeine kick you want to start your day with, you will love this coffee bean.

Accounting for about 30% to 40% of the world's coffee market, Robusta beans are mostly used for coffee blends and instant coffee. 

Robusta Coffee Beans

This type of coffee bean does best in a hot climate with sporadic rainfall when it comes to growing conditions. However, it may also be grown at a variety of elevations. As the name also suggests, Robusta beans can also be resistant to illness and parasites. 

In addition to having a pleasant earthy flavour, a great tasting robusta can also include undertones of bitter chocolate and dark roasted almonds. However, if the robusta is not of excellent quality, it can have a disagreeable bitter flavour, similar to burnt rubber. It is generally considered to be lower-quality than Arabica.


3. Liberica Beans

Considered the third most popular coffee bean, Liberica only accounts for a small percentage of the world's coffee. Aromatic and bold, the Liberica beans feature a strong and fruity taste. 

Originally from western and central Africa, it is now grown in Central and South America and the Philippines, where it is most commonly seen in a blend known as Barako.

It is also one of the most complex coffee beans to come by. The Liberica beans take longer to grow, and compared to Arabica coffee, take twelve to fourteen months from flower to ripe cherries.


4. Excelsa Beans

We are mentioning this one here even though as per now, it has been classified as part of the Liberica beans family. Though when tasting it you can clearly taste the difference between both beans. We would describe its taste as dark and fruity.

Mostly cultivated in Asia and Africa, these beans are the black sheep of them all. Often misunderstood and regarded as low quality coffee beans. 

What Kind of Coffee Bean Should You Choose?

Now that you know your options, the question is, 'what coffee should you get?' If you prefer something slightly different, get the Liberica or Excelsa beans — but be prepared to do a little more searching! These unusual coffee beans are lovely, but they are difficult to come by.

Don't mind a slight bitterness? Then, go for Robusta beans to get a little more caffeine and save money. But, of course, if you want the best flavour and don't mind spending a little more money, then 100% Arabica beans are ideal. 

Do you want to know what a coffee made of 100% Arabica beans tastes like? Then, we highly suggest you check out our coffee and experience premium coffee on a different level. 

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