Crystallized Coffee Vs. Instant Coffee

Crystallized Coffee Vs. Instant Coffee

Many people have mixed feelings when it comes to instant coffee. Some even go so far as saying that it's 'not real coffee' at all, while some favour it due to the convenience it brings. For years, instant coffee has been reigning as the easiest and fastest way to get a quick pick-me-up at the start or middle of the day. Queue in the crystalized coffee! 

Like instant coffee, crystallized coffee offers convenience but with more attitude and personality. Both instant coffee and crystallized coffee have become a necessity in our daily life, but how different are they from each other? And will people feel differently about crystallized coffee, or will they have a love-hate relationship with it as well? Keep reading to find out!

Different coffee grounds

Instant Coffee Powder vs Crystallized Coffee: What's the difference?

Like its name, instant coffee powder is a powdered coffee usually a result of the spray drying process. This rapid process requires high heat to produce the delicate and small particles that we see today. But unfortunately, this process also ruins the natural taste and aroma of the coffee and sometimes even creates a burnt taste which many people disapprove of. 

On the other hand, crystallised coffee is in the form of granules or, to be much more sophisticated - crystals. This is the result of a freeze-drying process. Unlike spray-drying, this process takes a lot longer and tends to be expensive as it doesn't use high invasive heat that quickly dries the coffee. Instead, the process of freeze-drying involves frozen coffee that is put into a vacuum and slowly dried. This process, even though longer, preserves the coffee's natural taste and aroma, which a lot of people are looking for.


Which coffee is better between the two?

We here at Lyger Coffee strongly believe that each type of coffee has its own place in the market and people's lives. While instant coffees are commonly perceived as bad tasting, a few brands in the market can prove them otherwise. However, the beauty of the freeze-drying process that produces the coffee crystals ensures the preservation of the natural taste of the coffee without the bitter taste. 

Crystallized coffee is more expensive than the instant coffee powder brands you see in grocery stores. Coffee houses like us make crystallized coffee with 100% Arabica beans so that coffee-lovers can still enjoy the taste of freshly brewed coffee without fancy coffee machines.

To put it simply, instant coffee powder is a great way to fill your body with some caffeine, but when it comes to taste, it most of the time falls short.

The Takeaway...

Not many people have the right equipment to roast and grind the beans at home, that's for sure. Most certainly, not many people have the time or the energy to do this coffee-making process even if they want to. However, due to the market's demand, instant coffee powder and crystallized coffee are not going away any time soon. In fact, we can expect more flavours or brands to come out in the following years. 

If you are looking for a premium-tasting coffee that will satisfy your cravings for caffeine then crystallized coffee should be the one on your shopping list. Want to experience the crystallized coffee but don’t know where you can snag a bag? Click here!

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