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NEW FLAVOURS! Mini-cup Taster Pack (Americano, Latte, Cold Brew or Decaf)

Bolder taste in perfect barista-quality

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Lyger’s taster packs are created to satisfy your thirst for barista-quality coffee. They are brewed to perfection to preserve the best flavours, and after a few stirs, they are is served with a nice air bubble on top. They are naturally delicious and have a distinctive flavour with no additives.

Item form: mini-cup
Size: 2g/mini-cup
Flavour: 12 Americano or 12 Latte, 5 Cold Brew, 7 Decaf
Coffee species: 100% Arabica Coffee
Suggested serving: 100-200 ml

What is crystallized coffee?

Our Arabica beans are hand-picked from sustainable farms in Colombia in which they are pulped, dried, and milled.

They are evenly roasted for a uniform coffee flavour with less bitterness and strong aromatic profiles. The result is coffee that’s distinctly delicious; every sip is unbelievably smooth and bold.

After extracting the flavor from Arabica beans under perfect brewing conditions, our coffees undergo a unique freezing process that pursues seamlessness, taste, and aroma. This process retains more flavor and produces better, bolder coffee in perfect barista quality.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is built into everything we do; beginning from how we grow our coffee beans to how our customers experience our coffee. We offer a convenient and rewarding recycling solution to our customers where you’d receive a gift in exchange for sending back your used Lyger mini-cups! We also collaborate with our local Colombian farmers and other partner facilities to continuously improve our responsible approaches to producing our products.  Read our sustainability story here.

Payment Methods

Lyger Coffee is all about making your life easier. Therefore we accept convenient payment methods for you:


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Direct Debit
Union Bank

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Other Payments Methods:
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Delivery & Return

Usual Delivery Time: 7-10 Business Days

Free Deliveries on all orders during our exclusive launch offer

Please check our Shipping Policy and Return Policy for more details.

What is crystallized coffee?

Crystallized coffee is created by pulverizing then shock-freezing coffee beans to draw out coffee bean oils. The result is coffee in crystal form with unequaled flavour and aroma.

Our Production Process

Barista quality in an instant

Our coffees undergo a unique freezing process that pursues seamlessness, taste, and aroma. This process preserves flavour at a much higher level than regular dried coffee

Why Lyger Coffee

Our flavours

We are proud to present our first two flavours of crystallized Lyger Coffee to you, Americano and Latte. We still have additional flavours that will be developed over the upcoming weeks and months.

Our Philosophy

Receive a reward for recycling

Just send us 50 Lyger mini-cups for us to recycle. The original packaging must be preserved and sent along with the mini-cups.

Our Recycling Program

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ellen Rose Guilaran
Newbie but I think small and bit short on few flavors

I understand that you have to sell and part of that is pricing but I don't understand why flavors like decaf and cold brew are very few in their boxes. I personally don't understand latte flavor, tbf all tastes the same to me. The decaf is good and when drank you can, say, have 12 hrs that you are still able to sleep. Overall, I think I'll just continue buying by then since I'm exploring and learning on my latte flavor and options 😌🌼

Jasmin Montaniel

NEW FLAVOURS! Mini-cup Taster Pack (Americano, Latte, Cold Brew or Decaf)

Light Taste, Great for Mixing with Cold Water

I ordered a cold brew (5 pieces). Product is as advertised - I like how well it mixes with cold water, and its light taste. However, shipping lead time is too long.

Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

Gifted this and they loved it!

Dianne Laplana
My Go-To Daily Coffee

Not gonna lie, wasn’t expecting much when I first ordered. However, upon trying, lo and behold, these quickly became my new favorite coffee drink. Perfect for someone like me who works from home :)