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  • Americano (12 mini cups)
  • Latte (12 mini cups)
  • Cold Brew (5 mini cups)
  • Decaf (7 mini cups)

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What is the Lyger Coffee Club?

A new way to bring your Lyger Coffee experience to a whole new level without the hassle.

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What is crystallized coffee?

Crystallized coffee is created by pulverizing and shock-freezing coffee beans to draw out coffee bean oils. The result is coffee in crystal form with unequaled flavour and aroma.

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Barista quality in an instant

Our coffees undergo a unique freezing process that pursues seamlessness, taste, and aroma. This process preserves flavour at a much higher level than any instant coffee in the market.

Why Lyger Coffee

Our flavours

We are proud to present our first four flavours of crystallized Lyger Coffee to you: Americano, Latte, Cold Brew, and Decaf.

Our Philosophy

Receive a reward for recycling

Just send us 50 Lyger mini-cups for us to recycle. The original packaging must be preserved and sent along with the mini-cups.

Our Recycling Program