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Cold Brew Triple Bundles

Bolder taste in perfect barista-quality

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Delicious Cold Brew Coffee in Minutes

Looking for a cold brew coffee that is quick and easy to make? Lyger Coffee Cold Brew is your perfect choice! Our Cold Brew is made with our signature blend of 100% Arabica beans and is super smooth, refreshing, and easy to drink. With just a hint of earthiness, it's perfect for those mornings when you're rushing out the door or for an afternoon pick-me-up. Just grab a mini cup of Lyger Coffee Cold Brew, and you're good to go!

- Gentler on the stomach
- Helps in boosting metabolic rate
- Lower your risk of heart disease
- Very easy to make
- Convenient
- Can assist in weight loss
- Less acidic
- Decreases the risk of dementia

Pack Info

• Serving size: 2g/mini-cups
• Servings per box: 12 mini-cups
• Calories: 7
• Caffeine content: 24mg

• Serving size: 2g/mini-cups
• Servings per box: 12 mini-cups
• Calories: 7
• Caffeine content: 50mg

• Serving size: 2g/mini-cups
• Servings per box: 5 mini-cups
• Calories: 7
• Caffeine content: 75mg

• Serving size: 2g/mini-cups
• Servings per box: 7 mini-cups
• Calories: 7
• Caffeine content: 0mg/2mg

What is crystalised coffee?

Our Arabica beans are hand-picked from sustainable farms in Colombia in which they are pulped, dried, and milled.

They are evenly roasted for a uniform coffee flavour with less bitterness and strong aromatic profiles. The result is coffee that’s distinctly delicious; every sip is unbelievably smooth and bold.

After extracting the flavor from Arabica beans under perfect brewing conditions, our coffees undergo a unique freezing process that pursues seamlessness, taste, and aroma. This process retains more flavor and produces better, bolder coffee in perfect barista quality.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is built into everything we do; beginning from how we grow our coffee beans to how our customers experience our coffee. We offer a convenient and rewarding recycling solution to our customers where you’d receive a gift in exchange for sending back your used Lyger mini-cups! We also collaborate with our local Colombian farmers and other partner facilities to continuously improve our responsible approaches to producing our products.  Read our sustainability story here.

Payment Methods

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American Express

Other Payments Methods:
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Delivery & Return

Usual Delivery Time: 7-10 Business Days

Free Deliveries on all orders during our exclusive launch offer

Please check our Shipping Policy and Return Policy for more details.

What is crystalised coffee?

Crystalised coffee is created by pulverizing then shock-freezing coffee beans to draw out coffee bean oils. The result is coffee in crystal form with unequalled flavour and aroma.

Our Production Process

Barista quality in an instant

Our coffees undergo a unique freezing process that pursues seamlessness, taste, and aroma. This process preserves flavour at a much higher level than regular dried coffee

Why Lyger Coffee

Our flavours

We are proud to present our first two flavours of crystallized Lyger Coffee to you, Americano and Latte. We still have additional flavours that will be developed over the upcoming weeks and months.

Our Philosophy

Receive a reward for recycling

Just send us 50 Lyger mini-cups for us to recycle. The original packaging must be preserved and sent along with the mini-cups.

Our Recycling Program